I don’t care who you are if you take my last nugget or slice of pizza you are dead to me

Even your grandmother?


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Remember how good 2014 was supposed to be and now we have the rise of 50’s America again, a journalist was captured and executed, Russia is kind of crazy, anti-semitism is rising again, and a pandemic is going on in Africa like we were so wrong

Also Israel mercilessly eradicating the Palestinians in a cruel twist of irony isn’t helping this year

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People who drink milk gross me tf out

*headbutts this post and it shatters into a million pieces cuz it got weak ass bones*

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laughing at how CNN went into one of the looted businesses in Ferguson and spoke to the owner. the reporter started asking all these leading questions that were clearly setting up answers that expressed anger that their businesses were broken into. 

The owner was like “actually I just want justice for Mike Brown im not worried about material things”

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